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LRT01 Tarsoly Karos41 Large
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LRT01 Tarsoly Karos41 Large

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This is a great belt purse (tarsoly) from 10c. Hungary, Karos 41 finding. Quite large and highly decorated purse might have belonged to a brave warrior of high rank.

Tarsoly (pronounced "tArshoy") is a type of belt purse of hungarian origin with long tradition. It was a kind of fashion of the time (around 10c.) throughout Hungary and the lands to the East and North, from Uralus Mountains to the viking's trade town of Birka in Scandinavia. This type belt purses were usually decorated with brass mounts or with a single decorated metal plate on flap. The richness of decoration of the tarsoly and the one of the belt on which it was worn demonstrated high rank, wealth and bravery of the owner.

Size (of body): 17.5 x 17 cm

You may as well order a smaller and cheaper variant of this tarsoly with lesser number of cast fittings (look for it in the Pouches section).

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